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Mission Statement: Our mission is to equip Liberians for safer, healthier futures while empowering churches and communities through health education and justice interventions to make lasting transformation.
Overview: EQUIP Liberia is a local protection, health and social welfare NGO founded in 1999 with a proven track record of successful community programs supporting preventative health interventions, access to justice and protection, improved water and sanitation, social welfare and nutrition. EQUIP Liberia provides technical support and training, mobilizes communities and provides quality services in each of these sectors. During this time of development and national rebuilding, we have a special focus on efforts to build the structures and institutional capacity necessary for providing high quality community-based public-health services at all levels; from civil society organizations, community groups – including children and youth, women, men clubs and town chiefs, to rural health facilities, to the county health teams.
Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ministry of Justice, Liberia National Police, communities and other stakeholders, EQUIP Liberia has delivered primary health care and provides protection services and legal advocacy to survivors of violence and abuse – majority women and children. We have worked with some 420,000 people in communities in rural and remote areas in Nimba, Margibi, Grand Gedeh, Lofa, Bong, and Grand Bassa counties. We continue to build the capacity of our over 6,000 trained Community Health and Welfare Volunteers in Nimba and conduct training and community development programs in several communities.
EQUIP Liberia has a fifteen-year proven record of sustainable impact through integrated, in-depth, participatory community mobilization and capacity building. Long term loyalty to beneficiaries and sustainability through training volunteers are key aspects of EQUIP Liberia’s approach. Successful program management and implementation is rooted in having qualified personnel at all levels of a project.
EQUIP has implemented more than 24 projects, funded by donors such as EU, USAID, the World Bank, Finn Church Aid, UNHCR, TearFund, Pro Victimus Foundation, UNICEF and BHP in Liberia in the past 5 years, and has the ability to effectively manage large-scale projects, while giving detailed attention to quality service delivery and tailored capacity building of local NGOs, as well as County Health Teams.
Protection Program
Funding Source: USAID/OFDA
Strengthen host community resilience to SEA and Gender Based Violence (GBV) through awareness building and strengthening of community based structures such as welfare committees, as well as case support and psychosocial and legal services for victims in refugee affected areas of Nimba County.
Funding Source: Pro Victimis Foundation
GBV awareness building by strengthening the capacity of grassroots organizations, police and justice officials to prevent and respond to GBV, ensuring cases are followed up, perpetrators are held accountable, and survivors receive comprehensive care, for 360,000 beneficiaries in Nimba County.
Provide skills training for GBV survivors including start-up grant for sustainable income generation.
Funding Source: Tearfund UK
Targeting Church leaders as key stakeholders in validating and promoting best practices for preventing and reducing sexual violence; Introductory GBV Counseling Skills on the basic principles of survivor centered care; Church and Community Welfare Focal person HIV Training
 Health Program
Funding Source: USAID/RBHS
Support 23 health facilities and their 300+ catchment communities for delivery of facility and community based health services and health promotion in Nimba County.
Funding Source: USAID/PMI
Support the prevention and control of malaria in 251 communities in Nimba County and 48 communities in Sinoe County through Capacity Building in Vulnerable Communities over 3 years (2009 -2011). The support includes the training of Community Health Volunteers (CHVs), CBOs and other community structures to create awareness on the prevention and control of malaria. The project also supports MOH/CHT to increase access to malaria commodities at the community level.
Funding Source: ECHO
Support to refugee affected health facilities, expanded outreach for immunizations, and activities to strengthen the referral network in 3 districts of Nimba County affected by the Ivorian refugee influx.
Funding Source – UNICEF
Educational support to war-affected youth in Nimba. Empowering youth through training and awareness to participate in national decision making process including support for National Youth Parliament (Nimba branch)
Funding Source: USAID/OFDA
Support to host communities and health facilities in refugee affected catchment areas through expanded services, such as nutrition and reproductive health services, which builds resilience and mitigate the health risks of an increasingly vulnerable population.
Funding Source: UNHCR
Emergency Health assistance to facilities and communities assisting the Ivorian refugees and host communities in the Buutuo axis of Nimba County, Liberia
Funding Source: Finn Church Aid (multi sector project)
Provide emergency health response to communities assisting the Ivorian refugees and host communities in the Zoe Geh and Tappita and Gbelleh Geh Districts of Nimba County, Liberia. Activities focused on Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Protection and Road Rehabilitation.  
Funding Source: World Learning USAID
Transformative Community Health Services: Training, capacity Building and performance-based financing in the Zahn Bahnla Clinic catchment area.
Funding Source: Tearfund UK
Improved community resilience and capacity to eradicate Ebola and adequately respond to Ebola impact and related disasters in a timely manner. 
Funding Source: Mission Alliance
Vulnerable adult, children and whole communities access basic social services in a way that empowers them to address their own situation sustainably. Specific focus is on providing services to alleviate poverty and increase resilience of vulnerable population; community preparedness – enhanced disaster risk reduction capacity in local communities.
Funding Source – Mercy Corps USAID
The Transmission of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) is significantly reduced or eliminated nationally through a community-led social mobilization campaign. Here Equip serve as lead agency sub-granting eight national organizations implementing vigorous social mobilization in high incident communities and hard to reach places. The second phase of this project is still enforced with Equip Liberia serving as the only implementing partner in Gbarpolu County – this not in consortium due to donor restrictions (serving 80 communities in two districts)
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program
Funding Source:  Charity: water
Community based WASH project focused on rehabilitation of hand pumps and broken wells, construction of new hand-dug well, construction of community and institutional latrines, and community hygiene training in Nimba County.
Funding Source: UNICEF
From January to August 2011 EQUIP Liberia served as an implementing partner for the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) to support their efforts to meet four key Water and Sanitation criteria in four of sixteen identified refugee relocation host communities in Nimba County. The project focused on wells rehab, hand dug wells construction, latrine construction, hygiene promotion and distribution of WASH NFIs.
Funding Source: ECHO
EQUIP’s WASH interventions targeting communities affected by the refugee influx with increased demand on limited water points and sanitation in Nimba County.
Funding Source:  BHP
Community based WASH project focused on the construction of new hand-dug wells, rehabilitation of hand pumps and broken wells, along with the promotion of individual family latrine construction through Community Lead Total Sanitation Triggering, and community hygiene training in Nimba County.
Funding Source: UNICEF
This project aligns with the Government of Liberia Ebola recovery priority and seeks to improve Water, Sanitation and Hygiene situation in fifteen (15) schools, covering four (4) Education Districts in Sinoe County, southeastern Liberia. These schools are located in remote, high to reach communities that lack access to clean and safe drinking water and child friendly sanitation facilities.
Church and Community Empowerment Program (CCMP)
Funding Source: Tearfund UK
Through capacity building, motivate the church and its surrounding communities through participatory, learner-centered trainings to support sustainable development through proactive profitable use of local available resources to address cross-cutting and individual development challenges.
Funding Source – Tearfund UK
Church response to GBV and HIV/AIDS
Increase prevention activities and compassionate and practical responses towards survivors of SGBV and those affected with HIV to bring about an end to impunity and stigma on individuals and communities in Nimba and Montserrado Counties. Emphasis on promoting and protection of the rights of vulnerable people groups, especially women and children and building the capacity of women and girls to lead change in their homes and communities.
Funding Source – Last Well
Provide Safe drinking water plus the gospel (Water + Gospel + Hope + Empowerment = Transformation) to rural communities in Nimba, Montserrado and parts of Grand Bassa Counties
Food Security and Livelihood
Funding Source – Hope for the Nation
Training of local farmers in vegetable production in Sanniquellie Mah district in Nimba County.
Funding Source – USAID/CRS
Health and Nutrition; training of mothers and caregivers of vulnerable children in local food production, preparation and feeding practices in Bong and Lofa Counties.
Funding Source – EQUIP/Tearfund UK
Support to Ebola Affected families in Nimba and Margibi Counties
Funding Source – EQUIP Liberia
Support Community Health Volunteers in agricultural production for sustainability of community health activities in Gbi & Doru, Saclepea Mah and Twah River districts in Nimba County
Funding Source – USAID/IRC
Improve the health and social welfare status of the population of Liberia on an equitable basis at community levels in Sanniquellie Mah District, Nimba County.

A. Established legally registered national NGO
B. Competent and committed staff
C. Work experience in 12 of the 15 political sub-divisions of Liberia and has functional offices in five major counties (Montserrado, Margibi, Nimba, Sinoe and Gbarpolu) with passion for extending to more areas.
D. Credible track record of successful implementation of donor projects, including USAID, Mercy Corps, Tearfund, UNICEF, Mission Alliance, UNHCR, among others.
E. Vast experience in community health and development work with impactful visibility at community and national level, and proactive community-based program management and productive implementation.
F. Capacity and experience in managing large grants and sub-granting small organizations
G. Proven expertise in turning challenges into opportunities and bringing diverse skills into single programmatic approach while maintaining individual organizational uniqueness and coordinating their works in their respective contexts without any serious complications and deviations from agreed paradigm.
H. Demonstrated leadership in community health advocacy and effective grassroots emergency management. 

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