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Mission Statement: Our mission is to equip Liberians for safer, healthier futures while empowering churches and communities through health education and justice interventions to make lasting transformation.
Overview: EQUIP Liberia is a local protection, health and social welfare NGO founded in 1999 with a proven track record of successful community programs supporting preventative health interventions, access to justice and protection, improved water and sanitation, social welfare and nutrition. EQUIP Liberia provides technical support and training, mobilizes communities and provides quality service
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Equip Liberia is one of the nine Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that was selected in Liberia to implement the integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) project under the Partnership for Advancing Community-Based Services (PACS) which is sponsored by the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Equip Liberia relationship to PACS is an implementing partner relationship which isgeared at working closely with Nimba County Health Team to deliver the project’s deliverables in all the targeted communities in Sanniquellie Mah District.
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Integrated Ebola Recovery Project
Equip-Liberia, a developement partner to Mission Allaince in Liberia, begun a major community development initiative with Mission Alliance during 2016. This development initiative titled Integrated Ebola Recovery Project (IERP) is a five-year engagement. The Project seeks to have vulnerable adults, children and whole communities access basic social services in a way that empowers them to address their own situation sustainably. Liberia as a country heavily hit by the deadly Ebola epidemic while struggling to recover from the impact of a 14-yeaar civil warfaces multiple development challenges as it tries to emerge from the impact of these catastrophices. Addressing critical gaps created by ...read more
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