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Overview: EQUIP Liberia is a local protection, health and social welfare NGO founded in 1999 with a proven track record of successful community programs supporting preventative health interventions, access to justice and protection, improved water and sanitation, social welfare and nutrition. EQUIP Liberia provides technical support and training, mobilizes communities and provides quality services in each of these sectors. During this time of development and national rebuilding, we have a special focus on efforts to build the structures and institutional capacity necessary for providing high quality community-based public-health services at all levels; from civil society organizations, community groups – including children and youth, women, men clubs and town chiefs, to rural health facilities, to the county health teams.
Working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Ministry of Gender and Development, Ministry of Justice, Liberia National Police, communities and other stakeholders, EQUIP Liberia has delivered primary health care and provides protection services and legal advocacy to survivors of violence and abuse – majority women and children. We have worked with some 420,000 people in communities in rural and remote areas in Nimba, Grand Gedeh, Lofa, Bong, and Grand Bassa counties. We continue to build the capacity of our over 6,000 trained Community Health and Welfare Volunteers in Nimba and conduct training and community development programs in several communities.
EQUIP Liberia has a fifteen-year proven record of sustainable impact through integrated, in-depth, participatory community mobilization and capacity building. Long term loyalty to beneficiaries and sustainability through training volunteers are key aspects of EQUIP Liberia’s approach. Successful program management and implementation is rooted in having qualified personnel at all levels of a project.
EQUIP has implemented more than 24 projects, funded by donors such as EU, USAID, the World Bank, Finn Church Aid, UNHCR, TearFund, Pro Victimus Foundation and UNICEF, BHP in Liberia in the past 5 years, and has the ability to effectively manage large-scale projects, while giving detailed attention to quality service delivery and tailored capacity building of local NGOs, as well as County Health Teams.

Equip Liberia has been operational in Nimba County, Liberia, since October 1998, introducing the Community Health Ambassador Program which trained local  men and women to mobilize their community members to actively bring about behaviour change to reduce morbidity and mortality among the populations and bring about a higher quality of life.    


EQUIP empowered the CHT to participate in the piloting and development of EQUIP’s innovative, participatory, discovery method LEPSAS (Learner-centered Problem Solving, Action-Oriented) CHV/CHA training methods which have been shared successfully with 14 other INGO, local NGO’s, FBO’s as well as hundreds of CBO’s and the MOHSW at all levels over the past fifteen years. This model program, successfully piloted, with the CHT in Nimba County, has been proven highly effective and now has contributed its key elements and methods to the creation of the new MOH Community Health Volunteer Training Policy and Strategy.  EQUIP actively participated in the formation of this policy and strategy and continue to work with the MOH to see their successful implementation.
EQUIP Liberia in partnership with Christian Health Association of Liberia worked with faith based health institution in Nimba to build the capacity of their staff. EQUIP Liberia targeted the community outreach staff and community health volunteers and structures. CHAL provided refresher trainings for the health facility professional staff, drugs and medical supplies including infrastructure improvement. The partnership provided a healthy link between the health facilities and the communities which improved the health seeking behavior in the target communities.
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