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Core Values and Guiding Principles

Core Values

Our core values, which are essential to maintaining and supporting the desired culture of the organization as we collectively shape behaviors, direct our actions, work with each other, and deliver services, are service, quality, integrity, accountability, and collaboration:

  • Service – striving to meet the diverse needs of our many target groups and communities
  • Quality – continuously seeking to enhance the quality of our services and processes
  • Integrity – fostering honesty and respect in dealing with ourselves and others; striving for
  • Accountability – valuing fiscal and programmatic integrity; practicing good stewardship
  • Collaboration – communicating and working together for the overall good of the team, organization, customer, and community, recognizing strength in our diversity

Guiding Principles

The guiding principle of Equip is transformation. The organization works to transform communities into thinking and believing in themselves and taking control of their own development, instead of waiting and depending on others. In working to transform communities, EQUIP:

  • Focuses more on those with the greatest needs and seeks to reach more people in need for sustainable growth and development
  • Builds on existing EQUIP and community structures to leverage local churches and community members lived experiences, strengthen capacities, and reduce the costs of interventions
  • Totally involve communities in identifying their needs/problems and finding the solution to such needs/problems
  • Maximizes the acquisition and effective and efficient utilization of public and private funds

Local Ownership – As Liberia has transitioned from emergency to post conflict and into development it is essential to ensure the future of Liberia lies in the hand of capable and efficient Liberians – sharting our own course and destiny and being the authors and storytellers of our future and hourney 

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