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Educate to Eradicate Ebola

The Ebola virus disease struck and left untold sufferings and increased socioeconomic burdens on families and individuals affected by the epidemic. This health disaster left behind orphans, widows and widowers and a huge deposit of affected families. The stigma, discrimination, separation, and marginalization inflicted on these affected families and individuals posed high demand on their living condition and made them extremely vulnerable. According to CDC report, about four thousand eight hundred and ten (4,810) people died in Liberia as a result of the Ebola virus disease. It was alarming to the extent that besides the original outbreak that started in March 2014 and ended May 2015, there were three other flare-ups in the country up to April 2016. From the onset of the outbreak, denia...read more

Despite the many challenges encountered in the implementation of this project, Equip Liberia was able to exert every effort that resulted into full implementation of the planned activities. Equip saw this project as a great post Ebola recovery initiative that was extremely necessary for undertaking in rural communities. By implementing this project in various public schools, it is helping to gradually cultivate strong sanitary and hygienic behavioural practices among students and teachers, thus making schools’ environment save, healthy and happy. Moreover, the construction of standardised WASH facilities and setting up of school health club on campuses was a clever way of inhibiting ...read more
ECAP2 Project
EQUIP Liberia is one of Mercy Corp's partners in the implementation of the E-CAP2 project with outstanding achievements. Though we worked in one of the most challenging areas in Liberia - Gbarpolu County, covering 80 communities in 2 districts ( Gbarma & Kungba).EQUIP efficaciously accomplished all of its planned activities of the E-CAP2 project, with tremendous impact being made on each of the community we worked with. EQUIP successfully implemented the Ebola platform (E-CAP1 & 2) project with Mercy Corps.
Community Ebola Border Surveillance
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